9/11 created a heavy impact on America, more than the outside world can ever think of. The outcome demanded a quick response concentrating more on national security and foreign strategies. Many non-profit organizations came forward addressing the need of the hour.  One such policy institute is Foundation for defense of democracies.It is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. working for foreign policy and national security.

Join the cause-

The organizations need funds for research. They need support from various groups to fulfill their aim. The donations motivate them to work with excellence in order to achieve their goal. If you can feel the passion for such a cause, invest a little time and donate.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Feel Responsible-

Even after 16years of the tragic incident that shook the entire world, the anger is still fresh in people’s mind. By contributing a little you are in a way helping the world to be a safer place. You are in a way being part of a bigger movement.

Be a Motivator-

Motivation plays a great role when you try to influence someone.Most of the time people tend to do something that they are asked to do by their near ones. Being a donor to a social cause can make you the pioneer of a movement. Not only that you are setting an example for others, that itself is a sense of pride.

Combat terrorism-

When the cause of donation is something related to fighting terrorism, it gets a lot more purposeful. Foundation for defense of democracies is one such organization that was created to fight terrorism. Apart from that it also supports the idea of providing basic human rights to all, irrespective of religion, gender or ethnicity.

Every donation you make is ensuring a brighter and safer world for the next generation. Your one contribution can make a huge difference to the world.